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Alan Rosenfield

Managing Director at Harmony Asset Management

I always enjoy being interviewed by Trang because she does thorough research for anything she writes and is interested in understanding investment nuances. This leads her to write in-depth articles that educate and inform readers. Reading Trang's work is worthwhile because her work is high quality and thought-provoking.

Anthony Welch

President of Sarasota Capital Strategies

Trang has consistently been professional in her interviews of us for her articles. Her accounts of our discussions have been accurate and interesting to read. She's one of the best.

Ron DeLegge

Founder and Chief Portfolio Strategist at

Trang is among the most professional and detail-oriented financial reporters I've encountered. She's tough, she's smart, and she asks the right questions. Her reports are of great value to both individual and professional investors alike.

Terrence Yang


Trang was looking for a quote related to value investing and I was working at Check Capital at the time. I put her together with my then boss, Steve Check, the founder, CEO and portfolio manager. Steve remarked afterwards that Trang asked lots of questions, as any good reporter should.

I have known Trang personally for about three years. She is a quick learner, has a good sense of humor and is an excellent financial reporter. I have read several of her articles and often ask her opinion about various investments. I highly recommend her without reservation.

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Andrew Corn

CEO at E5A Integrated Marketing

Trang is an excellent reporter. She digs and digs and digs until every detail makes sense to her so she can explain the issues to her readers. She asks tough questions and is not afraid to follow up with tougher ones. I also like her writing style where she makes the complex simple.

Charles Biderman

Founder of TrimTabs Investment Research and AdvisorShares TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS) , Forbes contributor

Trang is an excellent reporter who made TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF strategy accessible to all readers. I have known Trang for several years and have always admired both her analytical ability as well as the ability to make complex financial items readily accessible.

Dr. Marvin Appel

President, CEO of Signalert Asset Management LLC

Trang's articles are well researched and well written. I have found them useful in my own work as an investment manager.

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