Hello! My name is Ky Trang Ho, founder of Key Financial Media LLC.

I help investment strategists and financial advisors boost their visibility and credibility by getting them media coverage and ghostwriting their commentaries published in leading industry and mainstream news outlets.

I also contribute to Forbes, covering trends and investing strategies with ETFs and mutual funds.

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Thought Leadership

Get recognized as an industry thought leader by publishing articles in leading news outlets. Show clients you have answers to their problems.


Content Marketing

Contributing content to news outlets is  much more effective and cheaper than advertising. And it has potential to be shared via social media and emails.


Ghost Writing

I know what editors want and have relationships with many at major publications. They are more likely to publish submissions that need no editing.



Develop content based on extensive research of the target audience’s needs, potential for virality, social media sentiment, trending news topics and SEO.


Ky Trang Ho is a highly talented writer and reporter with an expert grasp of marketing. I highly recommend her.

Stephanie Stern

Co-founder and Principal, Stern & Co.

Trang’s articles are well researched and well written. I have found them useful in my own work as an investment manager.

Dr. Marvin Appel

President and CEO, Signalert Asset Management

Trang is an excellent reporter. She digs and digs and digs until every detail makes sense to her so she can explain the issues to her readers.

She asks tough questions and is not afraid to follow up with tougher ones. I also like her writing style where she makes the complex simple.

Andrew Corn

CEO, E5A Integrated Marketing

Trang has the one skill that most journalists today do not have: she has strong instincts. She has a good gut feeling. She’s fast, smart, and not a diva.

I brought on onto Forbes in early 2015 and I can tell you that my editors, the market desk editor, all sang her praises and are happy to have her on board. She’s also a great interview: poised and sharp. Glad I met her.

Kenneth Rapoza

Contributing Editor, Forbes.com

Trang is an excellent reporter who made TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF strategy accessible to all readers.

I have known Trang for several years and have always admired both her analytical ability as well as the ability to make complex financial items readily accessible.

Charles Biderman

Founder, TrimTabs Investment Research, AdvisorShares TrimTabs Float Shrink ETF (TTFS)

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See KyTrangHo.com for my articles in Institutional Investor and Investor’s Business Daily

See my stories in Forbes

As a Forbes contributor, I cover investing strategies and trends in ETFs and mutual funds.

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